About Osceola Housing Authority

We are a Public Housing Authority. We were created to provide housing for U.S. citizens in Osceola, Arkansas. We were the twenty-first Public Housing Authority created and developed in Arkansas. We are, in terms of public housing units the eleventh largest Housing Authority in the state.We expanded and evolved from the first two neighborhoods, Hyatt and Northgate (Bronx and Rosenwald) which were developed in the first part of the 1960’s to four neighborhoods with the development of Eastgate in the mid 1960’s and then Shirley Drive and Chestnut Circle in the early 1970’s. East Hale, our adults neighborhood was also developed in the early 1970’s.


Our Mission

We are a Public Housing Authority. Our mission is to provide the highest quality housing possible to those who have a need and qualify. In a larger sense, we work to be one of many things that help those that live with us progress towards their personal life goals; our part in that is to ensure that they have a clean, safe, highly sustainable home in a good environment with excellent support services, all of which are focused on helping them on their path.
By doing that consistently and well, we further the goals of the American public, our ultimate employer.

Note: Apartments may not have openings or may have long waiting lists. Call for complete details.

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